Rabdion Ltd. is a manufactorer of GRP profiles, gratings and ,other products that fit to corrosive environment, sea water chemicals, humidity, electricity and many more applications .un the industry

Rabdion manufactures a wide range of catalogs featuring profiles, rods, I beams, constructive panels and  flat covers

The company has a production capacity templates and profiles tailor-made according to customer demand
Rabdion can create profiles with different resins and special resistance capabilities of different environmental conditions
Rabdion manufactures and markets solutions for running boards and a GRP walking surfaces
Rabdion produces various systems based on profiles manufactured in a combination of different materials
The company sells kits for the installation of ladders, railings, service platforms, bridges, stairs processes, electrical panels and more.
Rabdion can purchase and customize a wide variety of roofing solutions for pools of water, waste-water
Rabdion develops and manufactures unique products from GRP to the infrastructure, construction, agriculture, habitats, homeland security markets